Monday, September 15, 2008


I can't believe it but my baby is allready 3. He had a baseball party a the local baseball park. He had alot of friends and family there and all the children and men played ball (even nana). We got him a new Spiderman bicycle wich he loved and would not get off of after we gave it to him. His nana and uncle Chace got him a new bat and ball and a tee-ball set, Uncle Dave, aunt Jenn, Layla and Issacc got him some new cars and a bus depot for the cars. Mimi,Colt,Cale,Joseph,Gracie and Ashley got him a big birthday hat to wear and a spiderman bouncy ball and a thomas train set. Mamaw got him some new pj's and a blankie. Papa got him a helmet and pad set to go with his new bike. Right before the party he decided to hold his cake and of course it ended up in the floor so nana had to come to the rescue and managed to get another one at the last minute. He was so upset he thought if he didnt have a cake then he couldnt have a birthday. He was crying big tears and just kept saying im so sorry momie im so sorry. It all ended very well and most important he really enjoyed it. Granny FiFi sent him an e-card because she was out of town and could not be there with him and he really missed her.